IRLE KAY JAY ROLLS PVT LTD has been set up in the year 2007 as a joint Venture between WALZEN IRLE GmbH, Germany and KAY JAY CHILL ROLLS PVT LTD, India. A complete new manufacturing facility was built using latest state of art technology for the manufacture of Mill Rolls & Machines used in the various industries. It is located in the green, unpolluted environs of Barwala & Panchkula, adjoining the beautiful & lush green city of Chandigarh, which is one of the most modern Indian cities. Panchkula & Chandigarh are situated 250 Kilometers north of India’s capital, New Delhi.

Our manufacturing facilities & equipment boast of latest German Technology from WALZEN IRLE GmbH, having more than 200 years of immense experience in Roll Making. Grades & quality of rolls manufactured at IRLE KAY JAY ROLLS will be to the specifications of WALZEN IRLE, under their supervision. The staff and technical personnel of IRLE KAY JAY ROLLS have been trained at WALZEN IRLE to assure Rolls manufactured meet the highest and stringent international quality standards. As such we call them TOOLS OF PERFECTION.

The complete range of rolls for various industries & applications will be manufactured by IRLE KAY JAY ROLLS in India, using more 200 years of experience of Walzen Irle & more than 40 years of experience of KAY JAY CHILL ROLLS in manufacturing & marketing of mill rolls.

Most of the Equipments in our foundry & machine shops have come from WALZEN IRLE GmbH, Germany, besides some new Equipments purchased from Europe, USA & with in India.

With the R&D and technical support from Walzen Irle & Kay Jay Chill Rolls, IRLE KAY JAY ROLLS has also developed & started manufacturing Roll Grinding Fluting Machines and Sand Blasting Machines.




WALZEN IRLE GmbH, Germany is a world-wide leading company in the production of rolls for various industries. The 1st chilled cast iron roll was cast by Walzen Irle in the year 1820. WALZEN IRLE stands for over more than 200 years of experience, technological competence and continuous research and development in the production of rolls. The traditional and consequently close cooperation with machine builders and operators of constructions has led to permanent and successful improvements of the Walzen Irle technologies and has made them an innovative technology leader.


Kay Jay Chill Rolls


Kay Jay Chill Rolls, India has established itself as a trustworthy name in manufacturing mill rolls by the centrifugal casting process using the double pour technique since the year 1979. Kay Jay Chill Rolls is a family-owned company located in Panchkula. Kay Jay Chill Rolls has been exporting & supplying mill rolls for various applications to the full satisfaction of its customers. Kay Jay Chill Rolls is a leading company for roll manufacturing in India. Kay Jay Chill Rolls is also supplying Roll Grinding Fluting Machines & Roll Sand Blasting Machines.

Kay Jay Chill Rolls India