Grades & Construction of Rolls

Traditionally we have been using Chilled Cast Iron Rolls for various industries. With the help of feedbacks from our valued customers, our R&D team with the help of our German Partners, have developed different grades of materials which we can supply you in form of rolls. We have developed these grades keeping in mind the applications of the rolls and also the requirements of the plants.

The different grades of rolls which we can offer you are as follows:

  • KCCR®
  • OCC®
  • OCE®
  • ORT®
  • Grey Cast Iron
  • Chilled Cast Iron
  • Alloyed Indefinite Cast Iron
  • Nodular Iron Perlitic (Spheroidal Graphite Iron Perlitic)
  • Nodular Iron Acicular (Spheroidal Graphite Iron Acicular)

As per the application of the rolls and requirements of the customer, we can recommend you to use one of the above grades of rolls. In the above grades we can offer you different hardness levels also.

Construction of Rolls

As per your requirement we can offer you rolls with different types of fitting systems of shafts/journals.
Shrunk on Shafts

Shrunk on Shafts

Flanged on Shafts

Flanged on Shafts